020 - How to Test Designs at Every Step (ft. Brett Gunter)

020 - Brett Gunter.jpg

Testing, in some form or another, can almost always be found in each designers utility belt. But as designers, when and how often should we be testing our designs? How do we know we are testing the right thing? Andy and Patrick sat down with UX designer, Bret Gunter, to learn about the importance and the benefits of incorporating more testing into the design process.



  • How to know when you should test a design

  • Strategies for testing designs earlier and more often

  • How testing more can lead to better designs and better designers


Brett Gunter is a UX designer at Landvoice. He has a little over 3 years experience in UX design working on mobile file managers, language learning products, and real estate lead generation products. Connect with Brett on Product Hive, follow him on Twitter or check out his portfolio.


The next Lunch UX will be October 26th. Speaker and location is TBD.