016 - How to Run A Design Critique (feat. Ben Peck)

016 Ben Peck.jpg

Design critiques are a great way for a designer to get feedback from his/her design team. However, depending on the way they are facilitated or the manner of which a designer asks for feedback, sometimes they don't always turn out so great.

Knowing the value of feedback from design peers, how can we as design teams create a critique process that doesn't lead to negative, out of context or unproductive advice that can hurt designs or even bruise a designer's pride in the process?

Patrick and Andy met with Ben Peck to discuss the challenges that deign teams face when participating in regular design critiques and how we can make them more productive and helpful for all involved. 


  • How to build a proper critique process that will work for your team.
  • What sort of critique guidelines can help designers to give/receive productive feedback.  
  • How to streamline rapid feedback during the critique and record the information given to the presenter for later review.

And much more...



Ben Peck is a Product Design Director at Jane coming from over a decade of design experience working with software companies that have partnered with brands such as Nike, The North Face, Oakley, Under Armour, and Sonos. Ben is focused on designing Jane’s software and products to significantly impact the user experience needs of our consumers and sellers.

Ben is also the cofounder of the Front Conference, a product design and management conference held in Utah which is on it 4rd year, as well as the Director of Product Hive with over 3,000+ product designers and product managers.



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