015 - How to Front, a special conference episode featuring Andy and Patrick

015 how to front.jpg

Andy and Patrick went to Front! They spent 2 days conferencing it up in local SLC, learning how to build better product from awesome designers, researchers, leaders and product managers. Now, it's time they shared what they learned.

For this very special episode, Andy and Patrick sit down with each other to go over notes and imperssions gleaned from the 14 talks, random encounters and overall adventures had at front. 





  • Designing for accessibility and diversity and avoiding bias in design teams
  • Understanding users habits 
  • Using intuition to make design decisions
  • Allowing teams to make mistakes and shipping imperfect products
  • Unity over conformity with design systems and alignment

And much, much more...

Speakers discussed:

Benjamin Evans | Design lead - Airbnb

Aryel Cianflone | UX researcher - LinkedIn

Vickie Tan | Product designer - Headspace

Tim Van Damme | Principle designer - Abstract

Adrienne Gajownik | Principle designer - Pendo

Brian Crofts | CPO - Pendo

Cameron Moll | Speaker, Author and Design manager - Facebook

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