018 - How to Better Design for Accessibility ft. Carlos Filoteo

If you are a designer, chances are you know that your app should, in some way, support users with disabilities. But with so many potential disabilities that can affect a portion of your users, you may not know how or where to start building accessibility into your app. We get it, it can seem to be a daunting task. Especially if you run into issues with getting buy-in from developers and executive teams.

Patrick and Andy sat down with Carlos Filoteo (a developer at Canopy) to discuss how designers can learn accessibility basics, how they can decide where to begin and how to continue learning and implementing new accessibility functionality into their designs. 



  • How to approach learning and implementing accessibility in bite-sized pieces

  • How designers can work with developers to understand technical aspects and limitations of accessible-friendly designs.

  • How being proactive about accessibility now will help your app and your users in the long run.



Carlos is a front-end developer who enjoys creating great UIs, learning and teaching, and having fun with technology. Follow Carlos on Twitter.



Lunch UX is back for round 2 on July 27th at Canopy. Tim Hansen will teach us how to make our designs better through thoughtful writing. RSVP here



Read the ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) spec.

Start to gain empathy with disability simulators like Funkify.

Test drive some assistive technologies such as VoiceOver (MacOS) , JAWS (Windows) and NVDA (Windows)

Additional resources:

Learn about accessible components.

Listen to the 99% Invisible episode: Curb cuts