019 - How to Understand the Different UX Design Disciplines (feat. Jeff Carter)

019 - Jeff Carter.jpg

As the user experience design field has grown over the years, it has expanded into many different product industries. From informational design, to software, to industrial design to game design, many of these different disciplines share the same basic UX principles but each one requires a different set of skills and/or tools to craft value and solutions for their users.

As designers, should we all know the differences that make up the other various disciplines? Can having that understanding benefit us as designers? Andy and Patrick conversed with Jeff Carter, the UX Director at RizePoint, to talk about the difference between UX disciplines and how designers can benefit from having that understanding.


  • How understanding the skills that can make up different UX disciplines can help designers develop a career path that best fits their interests and abilities.

  • How having an understanding of the different disciplines can improve a hiring process

  • How designers can begin learning the differences.



Jeff is the UX Director at RizePoint with experience creating products in both the industrial and interaction spaces. Jeff is currently focused on designing software to help retail and hospitality brands keep their promises to deliver quality experiences to their customers. Follow Jeff on Twitter.



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