018 - How to Better Design for Accessibility (ft. Carlos Filoteo)

If you are a designer, chances are you know that your app should, in some way, support users with disabilities. But with so many potential disabilities that can affect a portion of your users, you may not know how or where to start building accessibility into your app. We get it, it can seem to be a daunting task. Especially if you run into issues with getting buy-in from developers and executive teams.

Patrick and Andy sat down with Carlos Filoteo (a developer at Canopy) to discuss how designers can learn accessibility basics, how they can decide where to begin and how to continue learning and implementing new accessibility functionality into their designs. 



  • How to approach learning and implementing accessibility in bite-sized pieces

  • How designers can work with developers to understand technical aspects and limitations of accessible-friendly designs.

  • How being proactive about accessibility now will help your app and your users in the long run.



Carlos is a front-end developer who enjoys creating great UIs, learning and teaching, and having fun with technology. Follow Carlos on Twitter.



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Read the ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) spec.

Start to gain empathy with disability simulators like Funkify.

Test drive some assistive technologies such as VoiceOver (MacOS) , JAWS (Windows) and NVDA (Windows)

Additional resources:

Learn about accessible components.

Listen to the 99% Invisible episode: Curb cuts


017 - How to Increase Team Alignment Using Figma (feat. Dan Vineyard)

017 Dan Vineyard.jpg

We all know that communicating a design to our team is a vital part of the design process. But since many design tools don't focus on design transparency and collaboration, sharing our work while we are designing is not a seamless process. That's why some teams have switched to Figma, a design tool that focuses on collaboration. 

Patrick and Andy met with Dan Vineyard to chat about how he is using Figma's collaboration features on his team and how it has increased team alignment and created a faster design process.



  • How Figma has speed up his design process through open team collaboration. 
  • How he gets developer and his product manager to ideate together in his design files in real time. 
  • How to get buy-in from your team to start to implement Figma and see how it can improve your process. 

And much, much, much more... Dan's an insightful guy. 



Dan is a Senior User Experience Designer with over 10 years of experience creating great products for real people, he's currently design at Kuali. Take a peak at his portfolio and download Dan's free Figma design system.


Lunch UX is back for round 2 on July 27th at Canopy. Tim Hansen will be presenting on a topic TBD. RSVP here

016 - How to Run A Design Critique (feat. Ben Peck)

016 Ben Peck.jpg

Design critiques are a great way for a designer to get feedback from his/her design team. However, depending on the way they are facilitated or the manner of which a designer asks for feedback, sometimes they don't always turn out so great.

Knowing the value of feedback from design peers, how can we as design teams create a critique process that doesn't lead to negative, out of context or unproductive advice that can hurt designs or even bruise a designer's pride in the process?

Patrick and Andy met with Ben Peck to discuss the challenges that deign teams face when participating in regular design critiques and how we can make them more productive and helpful for all involved. 


  • How to build a proper critique process that will work for your team.
  • What sort of critique guidelines can help designers to give/receive productive feedback.  
  • How to streamline rapid feedback during the critique and record the information given to the presenter for later review.

And much more...



Ben Peck is a Product Design Director at Jane coming from over a decade of design experience working with software companies that have partnered with brands such as Nike, The North Face, Oakley, Under Armour, and Sonos. Ben is focused on designing Jane’s software and products to significantly impact the user experience needs of our consumers and sellers.

Ben is also the cofounder of the Front Conference, a product design and management conference held in Utah which is on it 4rd year, as well as the Director of Product Hive with over 3,000+ product designers and product managers.



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