023 - How to break down a large project (feat. Eric Avarell)

023 - Eric Avarell.jpg

Andy and Patrick sat down with product manager, Eric Avarell to get a better understanding of how he works to break down large projects so that his team can be more effective in building the best product possible.


  • How to product managers and designers can approach breaking a project into smaller pieces

  • How you can leverage team involvement to improve a break down

  • How to use tools like StoriesOnBoard to form a project narrative and map out objectives and milestones.


Eric is a Product Manager at Canopy. He has enjoyed wearing a number of different hats, and working on a wide variety of products as Canopy has quickly grown over the last 4 years. Connect with Eric on LinkedIn.


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022 - How to Speak Up (feat. Allison Zubal)

022 - Allison Zubal.jpg

Communication is a vital part of each UX designer’s role. However, sometimes we can find ourselves in situations where we lack the confidence to speak our opinions or offer feedback even if we think our input could offer more value for a product. Andy and Patrick had a speak up session with product designer, Allison Zubal to find out why speaking up is important and how designers can get better at sharing their thoughts with others.



  • How to can gain the confidence to speak up.

  • How senior designers and executives can create a better environment that encourages more to speak up.

  • How to get better at offering feedback that has value.


Allison is a UX designer at Canopy. She has nearly 4 years designing great user experiences for industries such as e-commerce, healthcare and tax. Connect with Allison on LinkedIn.


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021 - Are You Afraid of the Dark...Patterns? (feat. Andy and Patrick)

021 - Are you afraid of the dark patterns.jpg

For this special Halloween episode, Andy and Patrick did what all designers do on Halloween, they sat down at a campfire in the dead of night just to tell each other about product experiences that give them the spooks. That’s right, this episode is all about dark UX patterns, the experience design that haunts its users to the bone.



  • Haunting tales that feature both digital and physical dark UX experiences

  • How dark UX patterns can effect users

  • How to recognize and avoid designing dark UX patterns


Although, dark patterns are kinda fun to talk about, they are no joke. Dark UX is user hostile design that only serve the business at the user’s expense. Check out some resources to get a better idea of the types of dark UX patterns how to avoid them and how to shame the companies the use them:


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